How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.
Hold Still by Nina LaCour (via literarylines)

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man you can tell everyone who posts those zodiac posts have someone they hate b/c it’ll be like

aries: strong :)

taurus: great :)

gemini: fake bitch

cancer: emotional :)

leo: determined :)

virgo: sneaky asshole

libra: smart :)

scorpio: vengeful shitlord

sagittarius: alright :)

capricorn: hardworker :)

aquarius: wackiest fakest bitch

pisces: good :)

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I don’t particularly believe all love is doomed. But I guess, one is usually kinda suffering from some aborted love affair or association, rather than being at the peak of one. I think it’s fairly obvious that a lot more suffering goes on in the name of love than the little happiness you can squeeze out of it.
― Nick Cave (via thisblankpage)

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